FANTOMfilm No. 46 (May 2008)

In focus: Jacques Rivette

In our May issue we focus on one of the best known directors of the French New Wave, Jacques Rivette. These days, the film critic and director closely tied to the famous French film magazine Cahiers du cinéma celebrates his 80th birthday.

We decided to take advantage of the occasion to stop and give some thought to selected Rivette's films, such as Haut/bas/fragile, Va savoir, La Belle Noiseuse, or his last film, Ne touchez pas la hache. Kateřina Vítková, in her first article for our magazine, analyses the complex relations between the art of film and fine art in general, using Rivette's film La Belle Noiseuse as an example. Fantom's editors, Vítek Peřina and Jan Křipač, tackle two more of Rivette's films: Peřina's essay focuses on Va savoir (2001) while Křipač's essay deals with Haut/bas/fragile (1995). Rivette's latest film is reviewed by Michal Kříž. In addition, we complemented the essays in question with some extra materials, such as an interview with Mr Rivette as translated by Ondřej Kaláb and a brief overview of Rivette's films on DVDs and his bio/filmography. Hopefully, the present FANTOMfilm issue will thus contribute to better general understanding of this well-known director.