The Crime Films of Ridley Scott

An important part of Ridley Scott´s filmography consists of thrillers and criminal movies. It is quite typical for this director that his movies are not simple in any way. There are hidden themes and motives to be found 'under the surface' of his stories, which often bear more power than the single story. Blade Runner is more powerful in its questioning our being and/or existence, than it is as a crime story. In Black Rain, the director tried to capture the contrast of two different cultures. What is more, Ridley Scott is an author with specific visual style, which is recognizable through ambient elements such as steam, rain etc. In crime movies and thrillers Ridley Scott used atmosphere of classical film noir, which he updated for his own modern style.

Lukáš Masner

Jacques Tourneur

The article speaks about Jacques Tourneur, the director of three B-movie horror classics Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie and The Leopard Man. None of the above mentioned movies has lost, even decades after being shot, nothing in terms of power to frighten their audience by means of suggestion. Tourneur's later film Out of the Past is still acknowledged as the quintessential example of film noir. Working in a variety of genres, Tourneur imposed his personal cinematic vision which emphasized mystery and sensuality. Read more about Tourneur's style, especially the lighting, main figures and themes.

Michaela Stránská